Small Fix: Links to RXTX and PgsLookAndFeel repaired [Apr 14, 2012; ]

The links to the external libraries used by the Logical Analyzer PC client software are now working again.

Drop Profiler - Profiler in a Single JSP [Mar 1, 2009; ]

I recently created a small Java web app profiler which resides in a single JSP. It allows for quick CPU profiling without all the typical profiler installation hassles. (Doesn't even need a VM restart.) It is now available for download in the projects section.

Comment Feature on Many Pages & Spam Meter Update [May 1, 2008; ]

You can now leave comments on all pages, except for overview pages. Also the Spam Meter project page has been updated to reflect the latest findings.

Spam Meter Started [Nov 14, 2007; ]

Technically speaking the project has been running for more than a month now, collecting some initial data. This project will determine the learning curve of todays distributed spamming tools, if there is any.

HTTPSniff 0.4 [Oct 5, 2007; ]

This version only fixes two bugs which occur on newer systems. No new features.

Logic Analyzer for Spartan 3E and Altera DE2 [Jul 11, 2007; ]

Jonas Diemer provided a version for the newer S3E starter kit and Kenneth Tsang ported the code to Verilog for the Altera DE2 board.

Logic Analyzer v0.8 Released [Mar 3, 2007; ]

Thanks to Frank Kunz, there is now a I2C protocol analyzer.

Logic Analyzer v0.7 Released [Dec 31, 2006; ]

Features a complex four stage serial and parallel trigger. All the VHDL code has been restructured to ease porting to different boards. For a list of all changes read the history page.

Logic Analyzer v0.6a and Input Stage [Nov 21, 2006; ]

Two developer contributions are now available on the logic analyzer pages: Frank Kunz provided an updated source package featuring a SPI analyzer and channel labels. Richard T. Stofer sent me a PCB layout for a 2.5-5V input stage.

Compliance With Upcoming German Computer Crime Laws [Sep 22, 2006; ]

On September 20, 2006 a new computer crime law was proposed by the German Bundestag. It will prohibit to publish computer programs suitable to crack passwords. As I do not have time to stay up to date on the issue, the following pages were modified to comply with the new law: FPGA password cracker and TheNet password cracker

FPGA Based UNIX Crypt Hardware Password Cracker [Sep 5, 2006; ]

The source is now available for download. It will do 9.2 MKeys/sec on a XC3S1000-4 device and scale easily to other chip sizes.

Logic Analyzer v0.6 [Aug 19, 2006; ]

Never say never. Last week I created a new version of the Logic Analyzer with many new features. Among them are support for external sample clocks (state analysis), transfer speed configuration, a post-processing plugin mechanism, experimental scope display and internal sample clock output to control external modules (like ADCs). The GUI has improved and known bugs are fixed.

Logic Analyzer v0.5 [Jun 22, 2006; ]

Up to 200MHz sampling rate and many other improvements. All content and documentation is up to date. This is likely the last big release. (There might be a bug fix release addressing some known minor issues.)

Projects overview updated & Logic Analyzer v0.3 released [May 7, 2006; ]

The main projects page now lists all projects with keywords. The keywords should help users to find projects relevant to them. The new version of the logic analyzer operates at 100MHz, meeting the inital design goal.

Logic Analyzer v0.2 [May 1, 2006; ]

Increases the maximum sampling rate to 80MHz. Source and Binary packages available for download.

Logic Analyzer Preview [Apr 5, 2006; ]

Little sneak preview on the project I am currently working on: A FPGA based logic analyzer - to finally have such a device handy and get familar with VHDL.

Copyright Issues [Mar 12, 2006; ]

I recently received an request asking about copyrights / license I use for my software. One of these days I will equip all the software downloads with the proper GPL license files and note in the headers. Until then you can assume its GPL. (If you are the guy who contacted me, please let me know if you found the message.)

HTTPSniff 0.3 Available [Dec 4, 2005; ]

It's a quick one day hack to get long missed features in the code. Expect bugs. Hopefully I'll feel guilty soon and create a clean next version.

New Project: Signal Generator [Aug 13, 2005; ]

After getting myself up to speed on electronics for school I decided to finally build myself a simple signal generator and frequency counter.

Ireland Photographs [Jun 13, 2005; ]